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Privacy Policy

Oomotokankoukaihatsu Corporation (hereafter, referred to as, our company) employ the seriousness of the Personal Information Protection Policy and operate as follows:

1. Personal Information

Personal information refers to name, date of birth, sex, employment, phone number, address, mail address and or any other means of recognizing one individual.

2. Acquisition of Personal Information

Our company does not acquire personal information without the guest’s consent.

3. Usage of Personal Information

Our company uses the personal information provided by the guest for the following

  • To respond to questions, opinions and requests from the guest.
  • To deliver pamphlets and catalogues upon request of the guest.
  • To improve services based on the needs of the guest.
  • To confirm information concerning the questionnaire and/or campaign the guest applied.
  • To contact the guest when necessary.

4. Safety Control

In order to properly safeguard the given personal information, our company established a management structure, and abide to any/and or all the laws administered by the Personal Information Protection Policy.
Under any circumstance, excluding the following, does our company provide the guest’s personal information to a third party.

  • When acknowledged by law to provide such given information.
  • When our company judges that the given information presents disadvantage to a third party.

5. Disclosure/Revision of Personal Information

To revise, disclose, discard, etc. the given personal information, please contact our company by phone or through our website.
To avoid unnecessary leakage of any given information, our company will do so only after confirming the guest had made the request to revise, disclose, discard, etc..

6. Cookie

Our company provides Cookie for the convenience of our guests.
Cookie does not include any information that will link the guest to any one individual.

7.Upholding the Personal Information Protection Law

Our company upholds the law and guidelines regarding the protection of personal information.

8. Entrusting Personal Information

When entrusting parts and/ or all of the guest’s personal information to a third party, our company will investigate the said third company and will supervise that the said third company will secure and uphold the law to protect the entrusted guest’s personal information.

July 2007

Oomotokankoukaihatsu Corporation
Representative Director Shogo Ootomo