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Hot Springs

A lavishly spacious common bath provides a wonderful open atmosphere, and an outdoor bath allows guests to relax while enjoying views that change with the seasons.Abundant hot spring water with a broad range of beneficial effects helps bathers to relieve the fatigue of traveling and enjoy their hot spring resort trip to the fullest.

A heat regulator installed within the hotel adjusts the the temperature of the hot spring source which constantly runs into the large public bath.

Spring water qualities Mixture of simple sulfur, simple and carbonated spring water
Beneficial effects Relieves neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, sprained ankles/wrists, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, cold fingers and toes; promotes convalescence, recovery from fatigue, and general health
Source spring water temperature 60℃
PH(potential hydrogen、power of hydrogen) 7.3
Water added Heated Recycled Free-flowing Chlorine
Common bath No No No Yes No
Outdoor bath No No No Yes No
宇旅璃 ~うたり~
<Valley Outdoor Bath> – UTARI –
October 28, 2015 Wednesday, on the back of the SOUNKYO KANKOU HOTEL (south side)
Sounkyo the largest open-air bath is the grand opening! !

Open-air bath made of rock in harmony with nature ranging from about 100 square meters on the site of about 200 square meters.

Open-air bath of the middle that has spread to the east and west, the effect of the waterfall flowing down from the rocky height of about six meters! !
There is on the side of the open-air bath Ishikari River, I can enjoy the babbling of landscape and the river in the spring, summer, autumn, winter seasons.

<Common Bathing Area> – Seirei –
Three tubs with various temperature hot springs can be enjoyed in this spacious public bath with a huge window.

  •  - Seirei -
  •  - Seirei -
- Tsuki no Shizuku -
<Common Bathing Area> – Tsuki no Shizuku –
Enjoy a glorious moment in a spacious tub of different warmth.

  • - Tsuki no Shizuku -
  • - Tsuki no Shizuku -
- Subaru -
<Outdoor Bath> – Subaru –
A huge open air public bath. Surrounded by fresh air, minus ion and the flow of the stream…wash all your troubles away. Relish the stone made and wood made.

  • - Subaru
  • - Subaru
- Harugasumi -
<Outdoor Bath> – Harugasumi –
Savor the two types of baths, stone and wood. The slight scent of sulphur will heighten your sense of being in the hot springs.
A mixture of 3sources, the Hot springs(Onsen) has positive effects on easing tension and neuralgia.

  • - Harugasumi -
  • - Harugasumi -
Hours 12:00-24:00 / 0:30-9:30
*Closed for 30 minutes from midnight for cleaning and to switch the men’s and women’s bathing areas.
Guest room baths
Guest room baths
The rooms in the annex, Shiki have baths made of Mikage stone.The warm water is heated fresh water, not hot springs.

  • Guest room baths

Using the Common Bathing Area

Adults: 600yen; Children (from 3 years of age): 300yen
Bath towel and face towel rental: 200yen