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Yukar Buffet Dining Room

A variety of dishes made with vegetables directly supplied by local farms and seasonal ingredients grown in Hokkaido.
In addition to Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine, dishes also include hot tempura and steaks cooked in front of diners. There is also a wide range of desserts to choose from.
A chance to eat as much of your favorite food as you want.

  • 50 different Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes…the Tempura and Teppanyaki that is cooked in front of your eyes, is worth waiting in line.Zuwai crab is also all you can eat!
  • Yukar Buffet Dining Room
    The Tempura is made with fresh seasonal products.
  • Yukar Buffet Dining Room
    The variety of home made dessert is irresistable.
Hours Dinner: 18:00-21:00
Seating capacity 300

*Buffet menu varies by season.

Gozen Ryouri (full course Japanese style dinner)

Ajisai Dining

Gozen Ryouri(full course Japanese style dinner) is served at Ajisai Dining.
Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and savor a variety of specialty dishes prepared by our top chef.

  • Ajisai Dining
    Prepared with local products, enjoy the feast Hokkaido has to offer.
  • Gozenryouri Ajisai Dining
    Each dish is prepared to bring out the best of Hokkaido’s seasonal products.
  • Gozenryouri Ajisai Diningg
    The Chef takes pride in preparing the meal with fresh vegetables, meats and fish.